Wellness Centers

What are Wellness Centers?

With so much focus on individual health and wellness, people are now more than ever drawn to specialty clinics and wellness centers. What, though, is a wellness center, and why do people seek to find a good one?

Wellness centers are clinics devoted specifically to the promotion of healthy living and illness prevention. These practices offer a wide variety of treatments, from acupuncture to traditional treatments, and can serve as a hub of physical well-being. Traditional physicians and ancient practitioners alike offer experimental and integrative forms of medicine to those who seek alternative treatments.

There are several types of wellness centers. Some can be found places such as university campuses which can assist students and faculty alike. They are often free for students and provide basic services, like physicals, or counseling. A fee for center on campus is generally included in the tuition bill of the student, whether or not they utilize it. These centers are not designed for extensive or emergency treatment, but basic treatments can be given here.

PCI Wellness is a center which provides a number of services and treatments which can lead you on a healthier and happier lifestyle. These include:

Pain Relief services are offered to those seeking alternative treatments. Natural, non-invasive treatment options such as physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and the infrared sauna are all available.

Weight Management through nutrition, exercise, and hormone therapies can lead an individual to an improved quality of life. Rather than being a  short term exercise program or 30 day diet routine, weight management is approached as a transformation of lifestyle for long term results.

Physical Therapy is available for those with a wide variety of conditions which limits their physical ability to move and function properly.

Family Practice services are available for the whole family. Each parent and child’s needs are taken into consideration when developing the most effective, holistic treatments.

Spa Services are available to those seeking rest and relaxation, leaving one feeling good both inside and out.

Detoxification is a process most individuals take to reduce the assault every day toxins reek on our bodies. Pollution, chemicals, and stress weigh us down. Treatments and product counseling is available to help eliminate the toxins which get in the way of us sleeping and our overall health.

Wellness Coaching is individualized planning to help provide the tools and motivation to help one reach their physical and emotional goals. Through an individualized coaching program, teaching proper nutrition, personal training, and fitness, you can gain the tools to help fit your lifestyle.

IV Therapies are injectable treatments which can help improve ones’ energy, increase the fat metabolism, and your immune system by providing much needed nutrients right into the blood stream for immediate absorption and effectiveness.

PCI Products uses only the highest quality ingredients and a blend of the latest scientific research and ancient wisdom to provide a line of products to help achieve optimal health.

Wellness centers serve a great purpose in our health conscious world. Whether you seek alternative pain treatments, detoxification from the daily pollutants, or simply a relaxing day at the spa, a wellness center is the place for you.

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