Learning Center · Probiotics

How Probiotics Work

We hear commercials regarding the effectiveness of probiotics and view ads. These supplements and solutions are said to help digestion improves, aid in weight loss, increase defense, by presenting helpful bacteria for the body as well as protect against infection.


The large intestine hosts billions of bacteria. Many of these are natural, beneficial, also, to us. They help us absorb nutrients that are essential and keep negative bacteria from increasing. Probiotics are thought to replace the microflora within the large intestine which may reduce through the use of antibiotics given for a variety of conditions throughout our lives. Every individual string of bacteria has its physiological effect.


When serious infections diarrhea and antibiotic associated diarrhea can be found Digestive problems are proved to be improved using the utilization of probiotics. Certain strains are actually shown to enhance movements in those with constipation. Improved immune response has been from the utilization of probiotics. A report showed a certain stress of probiotic helped lower abdominal fat and body weight. In addition to digestive health, dental health is promoted by utilization of probiotics, as well. They also assist in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, ease skin conditions, lower urinary tract infections treat ulcers, ease depression and anxiety, and improve oral health.

Not many of these effects, however, are positive. Unwanted effects include bloating and gas, and in many cases, their use can make symptoms worse rather than better. They are able to cause infections that’ll require treated with antibiotics. If you are pregnant, have bowel issues, are immune compromised, or have any critical illness, prevent probiotics unless your physician has eliminated their use.

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